Our services are mainly focused on providing storage area equipment - from developing initial plans, through to the implementation and technical inspection of rack systems.

Pallet racks

Racks suitable for storing pallets in small as well as large storage areas. This is a simple system that makes it easy to access every pallet, remove goods, and inspect stores. These systems are designed and constructed to comply with the demanding requirements specified in EU norms.

Drive-in racks

The construction of drive-in racks is very similar to pallet racks; however, this type is more suitable for storing one type of goods, and for taking advantage of every centimetre of your storage area. The possibility to access racks from both sides, and to vary the height settings of support brackets for each channel, is the big advantage of this system. 

Roller beds, tracks

Transport rollers are installed into pallet racks or placed on the floor separately. They are used to transport wooden pallets or cardboard boxes using gravity. They are particularly useful in production spaces, and areas for receiving and dispatching materials.

Tyre racks

This type of rack is suitable for storing tyres of all sizes. The system is very stable and can be assembled quickly and easily. The construction consists of the frames used in standard rack systems that are suitable for storing tyres. These racks can be handled quite easily, without any need for lifting devices.

Console racks

Console racks are designed for storing different types of bar- or board-shaped materials. They are suitable for indoor and outdoor environments, and can be tailored to customer needs.

Shelf racks

Shelf racks are used to store non-palletized goods, e.g. cardboard or plastic boxes. These types of rack are the ideal solution for office space, archives, small workshops, etc., because they can be handled quite easily and goods are directly accessible. 

Multilevel racks, operating platforms, and steel constructions

Multilevel racks consist of pallet or shelf racks. The basic components of a multilevel construction are supporting posts, staircases and a floor. This type of construction is suitable for installation in smaller spaces with higher ceilings, because its main advantage is that it can be mounted in several connected layers (one above the other).


We offer a complete range of accessories. Particular wishes and requirements can be also specified in your order.